23rd-24th June 2020


Join EEMA for one of Europe’s most important events in the privacy, e-identity, security and trust calendar. Now in its 33rd year, the EEMA Annual Conference is a must attend event and this year, with the uncertainty of Brexit, the EEMA Annual Conference takes on greater significance than ever before.

As a non-profit think-tank, EEMA has the unrivalled ability to bring together technology experts, policy-makers and senior influencers from public, private and academic sector institutions from across Europe and beyond. This means the conference has become an essential hub for collaboration and innovation, facilitating meaningful change, as we look to at opportunities for empowering business through digital transformation.

The Annual Conference welcomes EEMA members and non-members for two-days of more than 30 keynotes, seminars, workshops and roundtable sessions. 

Topics that will be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • A Vision of Future Trends and Technologies
  • New Business Transformation Models
  • Applying practical Blockchain to Digital Transformation
  • Effective Transformation through AI (i.e. Robotic Process Automation)
  • Establishing Identity and Strong Authentication
  • Self Sovereign Identity, how is this changing in the digital landscape?
  • The ROI from using Trusted Identities
  • Exploiting Distributed Clout to achieve Hyper-automation
  • Fighting Crime with AI enables forensics
  • Transforming the Face of Modern Banking
  • Maximising Mobile Identity and 5G
  • Privacy, Regulation and Legal Issues
  • Cross Border eID Interoperability including go.eIDAS
  • H2020 Projects and Results