Day 1: 13 June (subject to change)


Registration & Tea/Coffee


Welcome & Keynotes: A vision of the Future - how trusted identities will make a difference

Welcome: Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA

Chair: Ronny Bjones, Director Cloud Identity & Privacy Services, Microsoft Engineering (Cloud & Engineering), Belgium

Keynote: Kim Cameron, Architect of Identity, Microsoft Corp, USA


Coffee & Networking




Track 1: Maximising Mobile Identity and Trust through eIDAS


Wim Coulier, eIDAS Expert (External Consultant), Belgian Mobile ID, Belgium
eIDAS Assurance Level to get mass adoption for Mobile Identity Solutions


Track 2: GDPR applied to process transformation - the opportunities and threats

Chair: Carolyn Harrison, (Certified GDPR Practitioner & DPO), Director, Assured Clarity Ltd, UK

Julian Ranger, Exec Chairman & Founder,, UK
GDPR Customer Centricity and why the new regulations mean sharing more data not less


Track 3: Smart Cities: use case studies from Belgium

Chair: Hugo Kerschot, Managing Director, is-Practice, Belgium

Tobias Verbist, Chief Enterprise Architecture & Innovation, Digipolis, Belgium
Antwerp City Platform as a service co-creation & innovation

Professor Dr Linas Bukauskas, Vice-President NPO, Lithuania
Privacy by design: a new practice in business - the concept

Jaak Geens, President, VZW (NPO), Belgium
Securing data online with insights with views on eIDAS and blockchain technology & mobile digital practices

Workshop/Project Track 1


John Erik Setsaas, Identity Architect, Signicat, Norway
Identity assurance in a European context

Bharadwaj Pulugundla, Manager Digital Innovation, Verizon, Netherlands
From real world identities to privacy-preserving and attribute based CREDentials


Lunch & Networking


Keynotes: What industries will be impacted by Trusted Identities and will see the highest gain

Chair: Jon Shamah, Chair EEMA

Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General ECSO, European Cyber Security Organisation, Belgium

Marco di Luzio, Infocert, Italy


Coffee & Networking


Track 4: How AI Contributes to Effective Transformation

Chair: Steve Kemsley, Director, 3Ten, UK

Michael Shamah, Cultural Heritage Consultant, EJ Consultants, UK
Using AI to enrich the understanding of the past - HOPE

Huma Shah, Senior Lecturer in Trust in Artificial Intelligence, Coventry University, UK
The impact of GDPR for AI transformation

Rakan Qaimary, Artificial Intelligence & IoT Senior Analyst, Accenture, UK
The impact of Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Economy

Track 5: Establishing Identity and Strong Authentication

Chair: Paul Meadowcroft, Chief Product Officer, Konsentus, UK

John Erik Setsaas, Identity Architect, Signicat, Norway
Challenges with B2B electronic signatures

David Rihak, Head of Sales & Marketing, ADUCID, Czech Republic
Fundamental identity components in a digital identity ecosystem

Track 6: Privacy, Regulation and Legal Issues


Jacqueline Zoest, Barrister, Campbell Millar, UK
Cybersecurity Breach: the legal consequences

Irene Kafeza, Advocate, Kafeza Law Offices, Greece
Smart contracts: contractual, intellectual property and privacy challenges

Workshop/Project Track 2
Horizon 2020 projects
Security/identity aspects of IoT as developed in project bloTope

Chair: Hugo Kerschot,Director, is-Practice, Belgium

Kristian Bäckström, CEO Finish ControlThings, Finland

Jean Lancrenon,  Senior Security Researcher, Head of R & D. itrust consulting, Luxembourg


Coffee & Networking


Informal Round Table Debates

An opportunity for all attendees to set the topics for discussion


Reception & Networking


End of day one

Day 2: 14 June (subject to change)


EEMA Annual General Assembly



John Jolliffe, Senior Manager, Strategic Development , EMEA, Adobe Document Cloud, UK
Cloud Signature Consortium - an ecosystem approach to electronic signatures and other trust services

Richard Pinnick, SVP Globa Business Development, Fortress, & Founding Partner at HaanSports, UK
Sports Marketing, Business Development and Fan Engagement

Eugeny Chereshnev, CEO & Founder Biolink.Tech LTD, UK
Forget everything you know about private data - how DigitalDNA is changing Internet


Coffee & Networking


Track 7: Creating Trusted Identities by Collecting Distributed Data


David Alexander, CEO, Mydex CIC, UK
Trusted data equals trusted identities

Eleanor McHugh/Romek Szczesniak, Director, Inidsol, UK
Privacy by design - minimise data and generate secure identity

Track 8: Applying Blockchain to Digital Transformation: practical implentations, learning from past mistakes

Chair: Dave Birch, Author & Advisor, EEMA Board Members, UK

Marc Sel, Director, PwC, Belgium
Blockchain for financial stability

Track 9: Establishing Trust in a Cyber Frontier


Edona Fasallija, Research & Software Engineer, TUBITAK, Turkey
SSL Certificate Mis-issuance detection using CT Logs

Chris Field, Chief Marketing Officer, Yoti, UK
Unlocking the full potential of Peer to Peer platforms

Workshop/Project Track 3
Horizen 2020 Projects
LIGHTest project

Chair: Rachelle Sellung, IAT University of Stuttgart, Germany

The LIGHTest project
Mixing old and new in the LIGHTest project: how can the Domain Name System support current day identification and trust services?

Rachelle Sellung, Senior Scientist, IAT University of Stuttgart

Martin Hoffmann, Senior Developer, NLNetlabs, Netherlands
Cross border trusted eID interoperability



Lunch & Networking


Track 10: What are the requirements for Third Party Provider registration within PSD2, as we  move towards Open Banking.

Chair: Steve Pannifer, COO, ConsultHyperion, UK

Josje Fiolet, Customer Onboarding Expert, Innopay, Netherlands
Onboarding of Third Parties in an Open Banking landscape


Track 11: Maximise Standards & Seize the Opportunities with IoT

Chair: Rick Chandler, Treasurer, EEMA, UK

David Frith, Director Cloud Security, CGI, UK
The intelligent@Edge Cloud: the technology to process the complexity of multiple IoT devices

Irina Brass, Lecturer in Regulation, Innovation and Public Policy Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy University College London, UK
Standardising a Moving Target: IoT Security, Trust and Trustworthiness

Peter Eisenegger, BSI CPIN Consumer Coordinator Digital Standards, UK
Consumers and IoT - 5 billion consumer IoT products installed and more to come

Track 12: Interoperability of Government Identity Schemes - the Opportunities & Threats

Chair: Steve Kemsley, Director, 3Ten, UK

Mark King, Cosultant, Broadsail, UK
Standards and the un-economics of identity

Aljosa Pasic, Technology Transfer Director, ATOS Research & Innovation, Spain
How to increase use of government issued eID cards by private sector

Workshop/Project Track 4

Chair: Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA, UK

The FutureTrust Project

Carl-Markus Piswanger, eGovernment Architect, BRZ, Austria
Applications and pilots in FutureTrust


Coffee & Networking


Track 13: The Kantara Initiative: Data Ethics - the path towards assessment, governance and trust marks


Colin Wallis, Executive Director, Kantara, UK



Track 14: cont: Maximise Standards & Seize the opportunities with IoT

Chair: Rick Chandler, Treasurer, EEMA UK

Panel session with speakers from Track 11

Claire Milne, Partner, Antelope Consulting, UK - Introduction and Moderator

Irina Brass, University College London, UK

Peter Eisenegger, BSI CPIN Consumer Coordinator Digital Standards, UK

David Frith, Director Cloud Security, CGI, UK

Track 15: Interoperablity of Government Identity Schemes - the Opportunities & Threats - continued

Chair: Steve Kemsley, Director, 3Ten, UK

Wilf Prasher, Business Development Manager, Sitekit Ltd, UK
Achieving assured digital identities


Workshop/Project Track 5

Horizon 2020 projects